1/2Sets Wireless Home Security Alarm System Infrared Motion Detector Alert 105db

1/2Sets Wireless Home Security Alarm System Infrared Motion Detector Alert 105db

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1.Passive infrared sensor is an electronic sensor that can measure infrared (IR) light emitted by an object in its field of view. They are most commonly used in pirg-based motion detectors.

2.This motion sensor alarm is ideal to protect your property from unwelcome intruders. It can cover front doors, back doors, garages, sheds, outbuildings, etc., and can also be used for caravans and RVs.

3.It has a built-in PIR motion sensor, if any motion is detected, an alarm will be activated. No wire connection is needed, just put the required batteries in (Battery not included).

4.The detection range is about 4-5 meters, equipped with 2 remote controls for on/off. You can fix it on a suitable surface and use a provided remote control to open it.

5.The product has stronger anti-interference, lower power consumption, longer service life, easy to install, with a wall-mounted mounting bracket, with a rotating ball or keyhole for hanging.




The motion detector power by 4*AA batteries(Not Includs)
The remote controller power by 3*AG13 batteries(Not Includs
Standby Current: 100uA
Alarm Current: 150mA
Volume of Siren: 105dB
Detection Range:about 4-5m
Remote Control Distance:about 4-5m
Infrared Detection Distance: Approx 5M, 100°wide angel



How to use?
1. Turn on the power.
2. A green light will light up for about 20 seconds. During this period you may move around without triggering the siren. This gives you a chance to leave the room without triggering the alarm.
3. After 20 seconds, the green light will go out and the unit is in motion detect mode. At this point any motion within 5 m will trigger the siren. Once triggered, the 105db alarm will blare non-stop for 45-50 seconds and then re-sets itself to motion detect mode.
4. After the siren, you can turn off the power.
Installation Method:
1. Fasten the socket on place 1.4-2 meters from the ground.
2. Open the battery cover, and install 4 AA batteries.
3. Fasten the motion detector on the socket, angle the motion detector's mounting bracket for a precise aim.



Package List: (Each Sets)
1 x motion detector
2 x remote control
1 x Wall Mount Bracket
1 x screw set
1 x manual